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Services beyond Advertising

Unlike domestic advertisement that starts and ends with leads generation, leads generation is only a start in international advertisement.

Welcome to the Franchise Times Japan Web site. The site will provide you with the news and information you may need to learn more about franchising.

Specifically, following services are available for you:

• We create advertisement material in local language for you at a minimal cost.
• We run your advertisement on the website that ranks #1 under “American
Franchise” on Yahoo and Google in Japan.
• We forward the leads to you in English.
• If requested, we are capable of negotiating and striking a deal for you on
success fee base.

What is a Complete Plan of Global Expansion?
We believe we have both the perfect tools and expertise in proceeding market penetration into Japan or the U.S.

With our support, those who are brave enough to expand overseas no longer need to go through the painful process of how and where to start, or hiring expensive consultants who do not have real business networks or deal making

Financing can be a great concern to companies looking to global expansion. We understand these concerns and will walk each client through a step-by-step cost analysis.

There is no hidden cost or surprise during the process.

Our services include:

We identify master licensees or master franchisees:
We are the best in this category to identify and negotiate with potential business partners in Japan. The result speaks for itself.

With your master licensee in place, your business system needs to be localized fast and within a tight budget. Again, trust our expertise and track record.

Marketing Research:
Our research is compact, practical, and straight to a point

Seminar Presentation:
We conduct for our clients local seminar presentation, another effective tool to sell your business at a minimal cost.