As soon as you present your concept to Japanese prospects, they will ask you the following questions immediately. And, you need to be ready.

Do you have marketing tools in local language?

You may think that many Japanese business men have a pretty good command of understanding business English. Don't count on it. Although younger generations are increasingly improving in this area, their decision makers (i.e. superiors or presidents), don't. However, if you have the
marketing tools of Japan market entry Program, you can answer this question with a positive"Yes".

Can you communicate with prospects in local language?

You can always hire professional translators. In fact, there are many superb ranslation/interpreter services available in Japan. However, note that they are neutral by their profession, not particularly on your side especially when they are hired by your prospect. Furthermore, they do not know your business.

They do not and cannot advise you what to say or what not to say in the best interest of your company. Eiken, the only public institution to certify a command level of English language, reports that only 3% of Japanese students think they can communicate in English to a “certain degree".

Do you have Japanese website for your prospects to view?

The Japanese web is such a convenient gateway for Japanese business people to immediately learn about your business. Through the above website, they will be led to link to an original English web site for more detail.

Again, the Japanese web is a powerful tool to give them a speedy recognition and impressive presence about your business. However great the appearance of your English site may be, or however unique and impressive the contents may be, a majority of Japanese business men simply don't bother to look into it.

How successful have you been in the U.S.?

Here again, a well prepared PowerPoint presentation in Japanese plays a pivotal role to win the confidence of your prospects. Illustrate in a colorful and easy-to-view formats all of your strengths, such as sales growth, unique and excellent quality of products or services, and testimonials.

What makes you think your business has a potential in Japan?

They want to know how your business model can be applied to Japanese market which naturally many factors similar to and different from that of the U.S. market.

A localized executive summary reinforced with our expert inputs will be needed before answering this question.

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