Why advertising in Japan?

Global expansion is an alternative for your growth
Global expansion could be one of your best options to increase sales ,business stability and brand value at a minimal cost, while causing no negative impact upon your domestic business, such as market saturation or lawsuit risks.

Japan is the second largest franchise market in the world Next to the United States,
Japan is the largest franchising nation with over 1,246 concepts and over 2230, 000 units, making up 200 billion dollar market. Japanese investors look to American concepts

Japanese investors and mega franchisees look to new concepts from overseas for a business breakthrough and diversification.
Japanese franchisors, who are interested in expanding to the U.S. market, need both franchise and non-franchise related supporting services including franchise consulting, legal, web designs, and many more.

• Japanese, like Americans, trust brands. Franchise Times Japan, a licensee of Franchise Times, has the most credible name in Japan when it comes to news and business sources of American and overseas franchises.

• Franchise Times Japan is ranked #1 under a keyword, “American Franchise” on Yahoo! Japan and Google Japan.

• Japanese businessmen and franchisors turn to Franchise Times Japan as their primary resource for the latest on U.S .franchising and new businesses.

• After leads are generated, we provide expertise of 20 years experience and a wide range of business network established in Japan. In short, you will be taken care of from leads generation to the conclusion of the deal.