Franchise Times Japan offers a complete global expansion plan

Franchise Times Japan has been a licensee of Franchise Times for over 5 years now. Franchise Times Japan is owned and run by I. Fujita International, Inc. (IFI).

IFI, originally formed in 1980, has been engaged in franchise consulting business since it formed Idea Link Japan (ILJ) as an affiliate of Idea Bank Japan K.K., a consulting firm formed in Japan, to launch and develop U.S. based new business in Japan, including franchising.

IFI was started exclusively to focus on new business developments, specifically to introduce U.S. businesses to Japan and vice versa. In its 20 years, IFI has worked with a variety of clients and helped them expand their businesses to Japan.

The success of those newly developed operations is a testament to IFI’s expertise in the field, and competitive advantage over other consulting groups that do not have the established network and experience that IFI has.

Franchise Times Japan, combined with the IFI’s expertise and network established both in apan and the United States, is poised to offer a complete global expansion plan , which will be discussed in the “Service” section in detail.